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Business Independent Editor

Local member of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) and MD of Auto Fix in Stevenage, Terry Gilbert, is wanting to know why there is nowhere to expand his business in Hertfordshire.

The majority (83%) of respondents to the latest Twitter poll from Infosecurity Europe 2019 – Europe's number one information security event – believe that organisations are not innovating as quickly as the cyber criminals who plan to attack them. This indicates that security strategies and solutions are not being evolved fast enough to defend businesses against the ever-changing and increasingly sophisticated threats they face. An inability to innovate rapidly also points to a lack of agility and responsiveness, which will inhibit a business's growth.

As Walmart increases its reliance on robots to free up resources, Alexander Mann Solutions has suggested that - contrary to the popular rhetoric that robots are replacing people in the workplace - human employees are actually being enhanced by technology.

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