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11 May 2017 Written by 

Hertfordshire student sets up innovative software business

A student from the University of Hertfordshire has set up an innovative software business for the fashion industry.

Nasir Kunduzi, an Engineering student at the University of Hertfordshire, and Brendan Spaun a student at Queen Mary, University London have co-founded Texmo, a new cloud-based software aimed at the fashion industry.

Texmo is a Business to Business (B2B) software provider which develops logistics management tools for the high-end fashion industry. It is currently developing a system to replace old-fashioned and outdated procedures of the UK fashion industry. This includes the current inefficient and paper-based data-management behind the logistical process of garment alterations. This makes Texmo unique as many other software providers do not specifically target the fashion technology B2B market.

Texmo is currently working with some of London's most renowned tailors, including LQT and LFW, creating a system designed for the way they work. They have also been approached by several other well-known fashion houses interested in integrating Texmo's software into their operations.

Nasir and Brendan hope to continue Texmo's success in the future by expanding their services to the wedding and vintage tailoring industries. They also plan to develop the software into a product for customers. One feature for shoppers will be an online portal where they will be able to purchase a fully tailored outfit, including accessories and shoes from the comfort of their own home.

The business has been shortlisted for the University Alliance Innovating Future Business 2017 competition, a student enterprise competition showcasing and supporting forward-thinking business ideas. Nasir and Brendan will pitch Texmo to a panel of investors for a chance to win cash prizes from a prize pool of £5,000 which would help support the business with its plans for the future.

Nasir said: "As an Engineering student, we are constantly being taught to innovate and look at problems from a different perspective. It has been a dream come true to start a business that I am passionate about, and to see Texmo grow from its humble beginnings to where it is now. With our awesome, young and vibrant team, I strongly believe that Texmo will change the way we shop for clothes forever, and that it will become the future of fashion technology, giving consumers the power of personalisation."

Ellie Sakata, member of the Enterprise Team at the University of Hertfordshire said: "The level of entrepreneurial culture here at the University of Hertfordshire is fantastic, and I have thoroughly enjoyed supporting Texmo in their bid to become a recognised and successful business. Nasir and Brendan have worked incredibly hard, and the team wish them the best of luck at their pitch on Wednesday."

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