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Adam Sidbury, Director of Digital Fibre Adam Sidbury, Director of Digital Fibre
13 February 2015 Written by 

Digital fibre brings employee recognition into the limelight

A cloud-based employee recognition tool called Inspire Recognition, built by Hertfordshire-based tech company Digital Fibre, has launched today after four years in development.

Designed for businesses of 100+ staff to create a consistent, company-wide reward scheme, Inspire Recognition promises to help companies attract and retain top talent, engage staff and reinforce their culture and values, leading to improved performance and profitability.

The system, which can be tailored and branded to suit the needs of each company, is used by employees as well as managers, and posts system-generated and manager-written messages on an online noticeboard so employees are recognised across the company for their work, and so their peers can engage and respond. There is statistical evidence that high employee engagement leads to a 19% growth in profit*.

Companies may choose to have structured reward levels - bronze, silver, gold and platinum - with award-winners at higher levels rewarded with virtual currency they can redeem in the Inspire Shop. The items in this online store can be personalised but may include high street vouchers, gym and spa passes, and experiences such as high tea at The Ritz, or a Formula One day.

Inspire Recognition also comes with analytic tools providing real-time data reports that show how widely used the system is, which department, team or individual has received the most recognitions, and which areas of the business are working together most effectively. Such data is invaluable for identifying star performers to ensure they don't leave, as well as the success of the software itself.

Adam Sidbury, director of Digital Fibre, comments: "Exit surveys conducted when employees leave show that lack of recognition is one of the main reasons people quit a company. No matter how old, or how far up the career ladder we get, everyone likes to hear the occasional well done, or thank you.

"Data shows time and again that praise and recognition actually improves a business's bottom line. And rewarding staff for good work, milestones and achievements through a structured employee incentive scheme can also bring company values to life, help businesses attract the best candidates and retain top talent.

"Most organisations already have examples of this taking place. One manager may give out the odd bottle of wine, another might take the team out for a meal, but a one size fits all approach can be inappropriate, if say an employee does not drink alcohol. And there will be other managers that don't reward at all. The most successful schemes, enabled by our software, take the best initiatives and make them applicable and consistent company wide."

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