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With party manifestos launched and election campaigns underway, financial and business advisory firm Grant Thornton UK LLP is working on its own set of recommendations to present to the new elected government to help create a more productive and progressive economy - and is asking Hertfordshire businesses to contribute their views.


2016 was a year that defied predictions and as 2017 begins to unfold, it looks as if once again, change will be the only constant for local business, says the St Albans Space of financial and business advisers Grant Thornton. Amidst the uncertainty, Jeremy Read, from Grant Thornton St Albans, identifies five key areas for local businesses to look out for in 2017 to help them keep ahead of the game.


In the wake of the Brexit vote, Hertfordshire businesses have adapted their business strategies to put a greater focus on expanding into new products and markets to support future growth, according to new research by financial and business advisors Grant Thornton.


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