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23 February 2016 Written by

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In today’s world staying one step ahead in business depends on a whole host of things – and the advent of 24/7 information from everywhere on the globe means it can be hard to keep your competitive edge.

The Hertfordshire Business Independent aims to bring you the key information for doing business locally bi-monthly – now there’s more! If, like us, you take business seriously and want to succeed, even if the economy seems to be struggling, you’ll find our added value range of services a essential addition to your marketing.

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Whether you’re delighted with extra exposure at the same monthly subscription or you want to put your business on a higher rung on the ladder, you’ll find these offers come with our hands-on support for Hertfordshire business. We take business seriously – what about you?

Find out how to step up your marketing and business success – just give us a call on 0844 35 85 800 or sign up online using the links above.

We’re also launching an Executive Club – by invitation only – watch this space for more information on how to join the top business leaders in Hertfordshire.



The Hertfordshire Business Independent is a business-to business publication specifically targeted at Hertfordshire businesses. It is currently the premiere business magazine in the area, designed to actively support and stimulate interest within the Hertfordshire business community by presenting information in a style that is easy to read and of value to the reader and therefore more profitable to advertisers.

Local, relevant and up-to-date - all too many business publications are produced nationally and then fine-tuned to bring in the local news items.  The Hertfordshire Business Independent is different. We are actually based in Hertfordshire, ensuring that the news is up-to-date and relevant to the needs of the local business community.

Putting your message in front of the right people - the Hertfordshire Business Independent is delivered monthly to key decision makers across the county. With 35,000 copies going out every month in two formats - the new A4 sized full colour hard copy and the interactive digital version. Both include regular features on Accountancy, Legal Matters, IT Developments, Education and Training, Corporate Entertainment, Business Support, Marketing, Finance, and Drive plus focuses on various towns across the county and regular contributions from the Federation of Small Businesses, Hertfordshire Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the University of Hertfordshire and the University of Bedfordshire.


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  • If you would like to embed our news stream on your own site there are two ways of accomplishing this.