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24 April 2018 Written by 

Watling View School, St. Albans, to become a Centre of Excellence in financial education

Watling View School, St. Albans, has been selected to become a Centre of Excellence in financial education, as part of a ground-breaking partnership between Young Enterprise and Visa.

The move means that children and young people at the school will have access to a life- changing financial literacy programme. This will enable them to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to be able to make the right financial decisions and manage their money well into adulthood.

Visa is funding the development of Watling View School, St. Albans, to achieve Centre of Excellence* status in the next year or so, turning it into a beacon of best practice in teaching children and young people about money.

An education specialist will work with teachers at the school to help create a tailored financial education programme for children and young people. The consultant will also provide all teachers with training in order for them to deliver innovative personal finance lessons and activities.

In addition, as a Centre of Excellence, Watling View School will also be supported in cascading its knowledge and expertise to help other schools in the area set up their own financial education programmes. This will help to make a significant and lasting impact on the local community.

Once they receive their award, Watling View School will join the network of 140 other centres who have already been awarded or reaccredited with the Centre of Excellence status. Visa has funded 12 centres from this total number.

Pauline Atkins, Headteacher at Watling View School, said:

"At Watling View School, it's our goal to provide a better future for our children and young people by giving them the tools they need to manage their money well is a crucial part of that. Financial education is a crucial life skill, and by becoming a Centre of Excellence in teaching students about money, we are confident we can have a real impact on their life prospects. We are excited to be developing the school in this way for their benefit."

Michael Mercieca, Young Enterprise Chief Executive, said:

"We are extremely pleased to be working with Watling View School and Visa to develop the school into a Centre of Excellence. This is the next exciting stage in our expansion of the Centres of Excellence programme, and it will benefit thousands of young people in the local area.

"This programme is a key part of our plans to ensure that every young person leaves school with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to manage money well."

Mark Antipof, Visa Chief Commercial Officer for Europe, said:

"Visa has a longstanding commitment to improving the financial literacy of children and adults right across the globe. Our goal is clear: to ensure that as individuals gain access to financial services, they do so with a sound understanding of money management. We are proud to support the Centres of Excellence programme to equip teachers with a tailored programme and specialist resources designed to boost skills, capability and understanding of money management among young people."

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