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18 October 2016

DDD pledges to support local Watford Charity

As part of its on-going commitment to the local community, DDD Limited, the Watford-based family company that has been making health and beauty products for over 100 years, will be partnering with Watford Workshop, the charity based in Century Retail Park, behind Furniture Village.

Established for over 50 years, Watford Workshop is a registered charity that provides Work Experience, Skills Training and Employment in a safe, inclusive and professional environment, for people of working age with physical, mental and sensory disabilities and/or learning difficulties, helping them to achieve greater independence, become more integrated into the community and where possible move them on to mainstream employment. As part of its remit to provide work experience for its service users, Watford Workshop also acts as a business providing product packing and light mechanical and electrical assembly work to commercial customers. It is the only project of its kind in Hertfordshire.

DDD Limited will support Watford Workshop in a variety of ways, having agreed that each employee can have one paid day to volunteer at the charity each year to underpin the existing pool of Watford Workshop volunteers with a wide range of skills such as electricians, engineers, event organising, gardening, writing Standard Operating Procedures, marketing, assembly work and more. The DDD team will also support Watford Workshop's fundraising events and create its own fundraising activities such as collecting money outside the neighbouring Morrisons' store or leveraging the forthcoming Christmas Jumper day: staff across DDD's four sites will dress in their most festive, and bad taste, jumpers to generate awareness for Watford Workshop and raise much needed funds. Jackie Putman, Community CSR Leader at DDD Limited, said: "Having visited Watford Workshop and met the management team as well as some of the people who work there and volunteers, we are really excited and over 50 people have already signed up to help. As well as being a positive local investment, it is a perfect strategic fit due to the nature of the commercial work undertaken by the Workshop and there may also be opportunities for DDD to provide adhoc packaging work at peak times".

Linda McIntyre, CEO at Watford Workshop, added: "We are delighted to have been nominated as DDD Limited's designated charity. The company's support will be vital to generate awareness of Watford Workshop as a charity needing to raise funds for our training programmes and help with the newly increased Living Wage, and as a business seeking work opportunities for our users. Our very capable team works on a variety of projects and we are keen to highlight the roles we can undertake for local and national businesses, from assembly line production machines cannot handle alongside more specialist electronics work."

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